Monday , 22 September 2014
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Another video of missing girl revealed

Missing Student

The authorities have found a new inspection video showing the latest sighting of a missing student of University of Virginia. Captain Gary Pleasants of the Charlottesville Police Department reported that the girl, Hannah Elizabeth Graham, 18-year-old, was last seen walking past McGrady’s Pub on Saturday at 12:46 a.m. Hannah was heading away from the university campus. Some pictures released by ... Read More »

ISIS releases another video challenging U.S. openly

When the most senior military advisor declared that U.S. might be sent for combats and ground fights to Iraq to take action against ISIS, the extremist Islamic State released a video of few seconds in which they threatened to kill US forces if they are set up there. The 52-second video was released by the Al Hayat Media Center, group’s ... Read More »

Police gives clues about the suspect Pennsylvania

Trooper, Dickson

The schools remained closed and the public was nervous as the authorities were in search of a suspect who brutally killed and wounded two troopers outside Blooming Grove barracks. The latest report was from the workers of the area, who said that they saw an armed man wearing camouflage. A state policeman stated that police has been reported about such ... Read More »

The class of 2014 MacArthur Fellows

The class of 2014 MacArthur Fellows is redefining the definition of genius. The class ranges from Harvard mathematician to public artist to a successful historian, all ranging from different age groups. The MacArthur foundation every year bestows the title of “genius grant’ upon luminaries. The prize is $625,000 as well as a position in the archives of cultural history. 21 ... Read More »

Obama tells his plans for ISIS operation

President Obama’s military advisor said that he recommended the president to set up ground troops in Iraq. However, a day later President Barack Obama reported to the service members at U.S. Central Command in Tampa, Florida that the country will not set up any armed forced in Iraq to fight a ground war. Furthermore, the President said that it will ... Read More »

Verification of West Nile Virus within the marshlands

As stated by health division in Carson City West Nile virus has been verified through mosquito trials. The virus exists within the marshlands however, no signs are observed within the human beings. From the composed samples, virus has been verified into one test location. This test location is situated within the rural area close to Carson River. Health division has determined to ... Read More »